What You’re Looking for Could Be Right Behind You!

One of our service partners mentioned this photo (and story) as a metaphor for people “not seeing opportunities” even when actively looking for them.

Thoughtful Advisors was founded on this very premise. There is a lot going on in everyone’s lives. We’re all busy being the best spouse, parent and thoughtful business owner (or all three) we can be! Thoughtful Advisors was founded and continues to help businesses and employees see what is OUT THERE even though they may not have “seen it” (or heard about it) themselves. Our Thoughtful Tax-Free Income Executive Bonus Plan from Kai-Zen is a perfect example.

Contact us or click here and see what could be “right behind you” and is available for you.

About Us

After 25+ years in financial, investment and other tax related services, I realized most business owners and successful employees weren’t getting specific actionable advice that was improving the bottom line results for themselves, their business or profession and their family. We think differently because we know that’s where value is created that benefits our clients.

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