Should I Take Time Off Over the Holidays?

The beach and the ski slopes beckon, but this may be the time when clients most want to hear from you. Everyone wants to kick back in December.  Lots of parties to attend.  It’s easy to put your business into cruise control.  There’s an old joke: “They pretend to pay us; we pretend to work.”

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I’m thankful for…

“This year, I’m thankful for …”  You know the game.  Every Thanksgiving, we gather around the table and try to think of something we’re grateful for.  It’s tradition!  And it’s a fun tradition … during those years when the game comes easy.  Maybe you got that new promotion you wanted.  Maybe a new baby was

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After 25+ years in financial, investment and other tax related services, I realized most business owners and successful employees weren’t getting specific actionable advice that was improving the bottom line results for themselves, their business or profession and their family. We think differently because we know that’s where value is created that benefits our clients.

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