The Unique Advantages of

Structured Premium Financing

Premium Financing has been available for over 50 years.  It is used by wealthy families to pay estate taxes with no money out-of-pocket.  We thoughtfully bring Wall Street finance to Main Street USA.  Our premium finance solutions benefit individuals or households earning $100,000 or more in annual income.  We can provide individually or as a non-qualified group benefit from employer to leaders and valuable employees.  All business ownership structures have access whether Partnership, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp or Non-Profit.

Thoughtful Advisors solutions include two premium finance designs called Kai-Zen® and Tri-Zen® which maximize contributions to savings, while providing immediate protection for the saver and their family. Both solutions include non-recourse bank financing that supercharges client contributions by roughly three times.  Client makes 5 annual contributions of equal value (minimum contribution is $21,350) which are combined with bank loans to maximum fund a cash accumulation life insurance policy. Each design minimizes on-going cost of insurance to maximize the cash accumulation for more potential tax-advantaged savings growth.

Every thoughtful premium financing solution follows a similar path:

The Many Potential Benefits
of Structured Premium Financing

Reduces or eliminates the out-of-pocket cost for life insurance.

Retains capital for other growth opportunities.

Looks to increase internal rates of return.

Maximizes potential tax advantages.

Leverages net worth to compound and grow wealth.

With all of these potential benefits, premium financing could be a valuable addition to your business and financial needs. Premium Financing is something truly unique and special for business owners, corporations, non-profit organizations, universities and professionals.

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