Qualified Plan Design

Ready for a Thoughtful Designed Plan?

We are experienced in designing retirement plans for business owners and companies. We provide professionally managed and simple to administer plans with engaging employee education designed to improve overall employee financial wellness.

We combine all of this with a level of “do the right thing” professionalism – often at much lower costs than our competitors.

There are four steps to having the best retirement plan possible:

  • UNDERSTAND - How does a plan stack up nationally against similar size plans using objective 3rd party metrics.
  • CONTACT - Thoughtful Advisors can provide a 3rd party Retirement Plan Benchmark Analysis.
  • POSSIBILITIES - Using the benchmark analysis comparison information, Thoughtful Advisors prepares an analysis showing side-by-side comparison of a current plan to a redesigned plan.
  • TAKE ACTION - Do something. Nothing changes until a plan fiduciary decides to improve a plan by taking action.

We help you Understand What Is Possible. You decide what your next step is.

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