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Many Americans Financially Unprepared for Divorce, Widowhood

A solid percentage of people are avoiding these uncomfortable topics, a TD Ameritrade survey finds. Americans are living longer, with major ramifications for estate planning. Researchers at TD Ameritrade wondered whether Americans, whose average life expectancy is 78.6 years, were planning accordingly, especially in the event of being separated from a partner or widowed at an advanced

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Ghosting: Help Better Protect Deceased Loved Ones from Identity Theft

Stealing the identity of someone who is deceased—sometimes called ghosting—can go on for months before the crime is detected. This may be because identity thieves know how to take advantage of the time between when a person dies and when government agencies or financial institutions are notified of the death. How can you better protect your loved ones from

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What to Do if You Think You Are a Victim of Tax Identity Theft

Tax-related identity theft happens when a criminal uses your Social Security number to file a tax return claiming a fraudulent refund. You may find out about the fraud when your e-filing is rejected because someone already filed a return using your Social Security number. Or, you may receive a letter from the IRS stating that they

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Tax Policy in the New Congress: What to Expect

When the new Congress convenes in January with Democrats in charge of the House for the first time in eight years and Republicans retaining control of the Senate, there will be some show of bipartisanship and possibly some legislative action but no new, dramatic changes in tax policy. That was the takeaway from a roundtable

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Would You Take the Pledge for More Password Security?

Did you observe National Password Day on May 3, 2018? It was an interesting day for password-related news. First, Twitter pushed a password reset for more than 330 million users and took that opportunity to underscore the risks of reusing passwords on multiple sites. Second, in observation of the day, Nutella tweeted that “Nutella” might

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Before You Spit: Who Controls Your DNA Records

One of the hot holiday gifts in 2017 was a DNA home test kit. Ancestry.com reportedly sold 1.5 million of these items during the Black Friday weekend at a reduced $59 each. Rival 23andMe countered with their own discounts. TV ads for the simple-to-use products were everywhere. The commotion prompted US Senator Chuck Schumer to throw out some caveats

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Taxpayers Listen Up: Latest Scam Sticks YOU with Big IRS Bill!

The 2018 tax prep season is in full swing, and so are hackers who smell easy money. Shortly after January 29, 2018 when the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) opened its e-filing system, a new twist on tax-related identity theft surfaced. The new scam leaves victims on the hook for paying the IRS back for fraudulent tax returns.

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