The Unique Advantages of

Tax-Free Income Plans

Specialized low cost hybrid finance insurance solutions

Thoughtful Advisors provides a specialized low cost and low commission hybrid finance insurance solution to fund executive benefit plans or to reduce out-of-pocket funding for buy-sell agreements.  Everyone initially thinks, “it’s too good to be true“, but it isn’t.  It’s available to qualified individuals or households with $100,000+ annual income, in reasonable health and under age 65.  Combining those qualifications with specialized design makes us one-of-a-kind versus traditional IRC Sec 162 providers. 

Our solution is available individually or as a voluntary [no cost to business] non-qualified group benefit for owners, executives, leaders and employees.  Designs are available for business ownership structures: Partnership, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp or Non-Profit.

What Is Tax-Free Income Plan from Kai-Zen?

Provide Executive Benefit Plan as Business Asset – Not Expense!

Read a simple flyer about how we thoughtfully bring Wall Street finance ethically to Main Street USA. 

Thoughtful Advisors hybrid financed insurance solutions include two designs called Kai-Zen® and Tri-Zen® which maximize contributions to savings and provide immediate protection for the saver and their family. Client makes 5 annual contributions of equal value which are combined with 3X matching bank loan to maximum fund a low-commission cash accumulation life insurance policy. Each design minimizes on-going costs to maximize the cash accumulation for more potential tax-advantaged savings growth.  Every thoughtful hybrid financed insurance solution follows a similar path:

Hear What Clients Say about Kai-Zen Plan

David Bistritz, DDS - Dentist Testimonial

Jay Grossman, DDS - Dentist Testimonial

Potential Benefits
of Hybrid Financed Insurance

Reduces out-of-pocket cost for life insurance.

Maintains cash-flow for current living expenses

Looks to increase internal rates of return.

Maximizes potential tax advantages.

Leverages net worth to compound and grow wealth.

With all of these potential benefits, hybrid financed insurance is a valuable addition to your business and financial needs. It is truly unique and special for business owners, corporations, non-profit organizations, universities and professionals.

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