3 Tax Moves to Make Before Year-End


Within a month of the tax reform law’s passage in December 2017, 67% of CPA financial planners had discussed the effect of tax reform with their clients, and by the end of January, 56% had started making changes to their clients’ financial plans, according to survey results released Thursday by the American Institute of CPAs.

“As the most recent tax reform was being finalized, we were reviewing every client’s situation for last-minute planning opportunities and the long-term impact it would have,” David Oransky, CPA/PFS member of the AICPA personal financial planning executive committee, said in a statement.

“This allowed us to create multiple contingency plans so that when the final bill became law, all we had to do was execute the appropriate plan. This resulted not only in savings for our clients, but also served to reduce their anxiety about the changes.”

The AICPA conducted an online survey in late summer of 631 certified public accountants who are members of the organization’s personal financial planning section, including those holding the personal financial specialist credential.

CPAs’ proactive response to passage of tax reform resulted in widespread changes across several broad areas of their clients’ plans, according to the survey:

  • Charitable giving – 50%
  • Business structure – 49%
  • Estate plan changes – 42%
  • Adjustments to clients’ retirement savings – 32%
  • Adjustments to their housing decisions such as home equity loan or line of credit – 27%
  • Changes to investment source of clients’ retirement income – 24%
  • Changes to their investment allocation – 22%

The survey found that during initial discussions about tax reform, 45% of clients reported being optimistic about how it would affect their finances, while 40% were anxious. However, at the extremes, 9% of clients were very anxious, compared with 6% who were very optimistic.

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